Basket Feature The ultimate coach assistant for collecting and analyzing basketball statistics . image

Unique method

We offer simple but effective tools to analyze players' actions. Our method is based on both academic and practical experience. We suggest considering the following three indicators
Possessions What players handled the ball and what types of attacks were used? image
zones Players' and team's performance on the court divided by zones  image
time Team activity in relation to 24/14 time periods


Statistics export

image Interactive charts and diagrams in mobile app
image Export to CSV, which can be used in Excel
Basket ball Basketball is a highly strategic sport where each player is assigned a role. Statistics and analytics can help to understand how a player performs in his or her position.
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Coach's goal is to help your team reach its full potential and achieve success both on and off the court.
Our goal We want to make statistics simple and easy to collect, so that you have more time to work with players.